In moments of crisis our humanity is definitely put to the test. It’s something that was noticeable during 2020 and the whiplash of such a tumultuous time. Everyone reacted differently. Some of  us even got something out of it.

It’s interesting to tell those stories. Of course, going to the extreme of turning our current pandemic into a zombie outbreak and apocalypse is going long, but it doesn’t necessarily mean the human element is missed when putting together a story. On the contrary, without a good emotional story, it’s hard to make a compelling film.

However, it’s also risky to make it so emotional. Escape to the Cove is a ridiculously naive film that’s strangely mixed with an apocalyptic tone. It’s a film about the end of times in a… marina. Yeah, it’s a bizarre choice but a writer decided it and this we need to have some respect for.

The story is centered around survivors of a global pandemic that are trying to survive. On one hand, a weak young man who scavenges any way he can and decides to stay beside a girl that has more of a survivalist style. And then we have a group of men who are trying to protect themselves from “pirates” who are looking for revenge. 

When the young man enters the scene and tries to get some help from a man everyone wants to kill, he decides to stay beside him and convince him to escape to the “cove”, a safe haven for survivors.  

Sure, I had too many questions as well. But suppose you can accept the film just the way it is, at least its introduction. Escape to the Cove depends solely on a narrative style that’s void of thrills. It’s not an action film.When it displays a couple of action scenes, it becomes a failed filmmaking experiment.

Nevertheless, the main concept is more dramatic. The anti hero comment is brutally honest and his conflict is heartful. It won’t work for some viewers who expect a more explosive film.

This is when  Escape to the Cove commits a sin of being “too nice” of a film. There’s no sense of danger, even with an evil villain (very well performed) that shows the agenda of violence and revenge he’s planning to install. But, why does he take so long? Why does Escape to the Cove imply viewers are kind of dumb?

In the second act it becomes excessively repetitive and melancholic and the film loses its well set balance. The third act is terribly rushed and misses the mark of being a climactic opportunity to impress.

The film Escape to the Cove is shot in a not so remote wasteland. There are signs of civilization. This causes the film to include some continuity mistakes as it’s clear the surroundings are not filled with people trying to survive. You can see cars, people wandering and apartment lights. The authenticity factor is sacrificed for some shots that aren’t fancy or effective.

Human stories during a crisis is a subject that works without forcing a film. But this doesn’t mean there can’t be an attempt for engagement. As for me, I was just waiting for Escape to the Cove to end with its predictable shot of happy people smiling.

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